End of 2010, already?

Ano Viejo 2010

I can’t believe this year is almost over. Looking back on my 2010 posts, I realise that despite my New Year’s resolution, I’ve neglected my blog updates. I can’t help it, whenever I spend time on email, Twitter or Facebook, my work suffers. Something to do with the distribution of energy and my need to go all internal-hermit.

Anyway, I am happy to announce that my manuscript is now finished (which is why I have time to write this). I’ll have edits in the next few months, but as far as major work, it is complete. Finito. I feel a sense of subdued relief mixed with a little sadness, as I say goodbye to characters I’ve been with for years.¬†Kind of how I felt at the end of the LOST series.¬†Nonetheless, we have reached a parting point. I can’t reread these stories anymore. On to new things.

First the good news, my new collection of stories TERMINAL ROMANCE, will be released digitally sometime next spring. I’ll keep you posted on release dates. Another bit of good news is that I will be trekking around South America at the end of December and will not be back in the UK until March. I’ve wanted to do the trip forever and now is my chance. I will be working on my next book, set in Ecuador, so bring on the volcanoes and beaches. I’d promise to keep you updated, but with my track record, who am I kidding? Not to mention I’m leaving my laptop at home and writing by hand. Gasp. My guidebook assures me there are internet cafes everywhere, even in the highlands, so I can blog about my trip, or at the very least offer a tweet. Catch me on Twitter @virtualonion

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