What I want for Xmas

I thought I’d post a brief catch-up and hopefully later get around to writing a more substantial post. Here is what I’ve been up to since you last heard from me.

I have a new full-time job along with a possible agent who is interested in seeing a second draft of my novel. I am using every spare moment to work on it, having given up sleep, as it only gets in the way. Overall I’m feeling OK, trying to stay positive about the rewrites and whipping fear back to the sidelines where it belongs, in case all this supposition ends in nothing. Hey, it’s happened before. I’m not trying to second guess what agent might think but will she like it? Will she want to represent me? Will she think my book will sell? Best not to think and plow on. Happy holidays to all.


  1. Nii

    Sounds very good – actually it sounds like that scary feeling at the edge of success. Jump, jump, jump, jump… (i hope no suicidal teen is reading this on a mobile device while contemplating the drop from a 29 storey building, because, if so, this is my disclaimer – i am NOT asking YOU to jump) — hasta…

  2. Nii: It is scary, but exciting as well. What have you been working on lately? New novel? New play?Karen: Nice to see you too. Congrats on all your recent story publication. Great to see you’re in hot demand. As for Xmas? What Xmas? Oh, those days I stress out while everyone else sleeps off their food? Bah humbug. I plan to have a day where I do no work. We’ll see. I may have to take it back.Gary: Thank you. Good to see you as well. Hope your new novel is going swimmingly. Did you manage to write another while I was gone? Sorry to have worried you. I go into incommunicado stage and I had a particularly non-productive autumn. All better. Except now I’m going in the other direction.Nova: Thank you for being so supportive and lovely. I’m rooting for you too. Have followed your posts on the progress of your book and you’ve been a whirl of productivity and focus. Keep at it and you’ll be sipping champagne before the new year.As for the agent, I didn’t know If I have one yet. Like when you can’t figure out if it was just coffee or a more meaningful thing and you spend days torturing yourself and calling all your friends to rehash the conversation. I don’t want to announce it officially until the new draft is in. If the agent is still excited, I’ll let you all know.

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