Idiosyncratic drabbles

For our August challenge, The folks at Idiosyncratica have set us the task of writing a drabble, a story told in 100 words. Keeping a piece to an exact length is never an easy feat. One hundred words is just bonkers. The effort below was taken from a short piece I reworked.

The Lie

One 4th of July, Nia told her visiting cousin that the smell of bonfires and the sound of firecrackers were the elderly being executed.“They gather them up at night in a van,” she said, her mouth full of cherry cheesecake. “Place them against the wall. And BOOM! Right between the eyes,” she signaled with a finger. A loud succession of explosions punctuated her words, confirming the lie.Later, after the cousin was reassured and Nia was relegated (what a wicked, wicked girl) to a picnic table to await suitable punishment, she still didn’t get what the fuss was about.



  1. Gessy

    I enjoyed the ending. I remember how great it was to be a callous kid. It’s not until your reprimanded that you acquire guilt. Your parenthetical phrase is important because it sends this message home to the reader.

  2. Niki! Just catching up with you through the blog. Congrats on so much – the Frank O’Connor long listing, the agent meeting, the future publication of The Lie (the reading of which I eagerly await)! I’m proud of you and happy for you. Too bad we can’t catch up easily in person!

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