Wanted: Drill sergeant to crack the whip and get me back on track. Well meaning, kind-hearted types need not apply. One month of no serious work and I’m feeling flabby and out of sorts. I’m thinking of hiring a literary trainer to come by and cut off my internet . That will teach me to slack. No procrastination, Ms Onion. Drop and give me 10 pages.


  1. I would say that even when we’re not “cracking the whip” and forcing ourselves to sit down and do the physical act of writing, we’re still writing. I write pretty much twenty four hours a day, but only have the occasional chance to actually sit down and put pen to paper for any length of time.Reading is a form of “writer training.” I consider each book I read a bit of research on my craft. It has always worked for me to tell my writer clients not to torture themselves when their lives don’t allow them the freedom to write every day. Do your best, write when you can, and live your life.When I was younger, I had a mentor tell me that if I seriously focus mentally on a subject once a day for fifteen minutes, you make as much progress as if you were actually performing the task. It has always worked for me.

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