My kitchen sink

There is an agent interested. We met for coffee last week to talk about improvements to the book. I must strive to be sleeker and less kitchen-sinkish, she says. Apparently that’s a technical term and a common one that plagues first time novelists.  Structure is also a problem. No surprise there. Structure has always been my  personal kryptonite. Watch me weaken. Watch me crumble to my knees as I spend the summer on my floor, lost in a sea of index cards.

Despite all the work that awaits me, I am excited. Someone liked the novel enough to take the time to talk to me. There’s hope for my baby yet. So, if you don’t hear from me, It’s because I’m figuring out how to take apart the plumbing without the rest of it falling apart.


  1. Ooh, how exciting! I feel your joy.At the same time, you’re so right about all the stages taking so bloomin’ LONG and being so hard! Why o’ Lord?Best of luck anyway, keep us posted when you can :o)

  2. This is really, really promising and exciting and I’m getting a very good feeling about the future of this book!!!Question: What does sleeker and less kitchen-sinkish mean? (I ask as I am afraid I am a kitchen sink and would love the advice for future.)

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