I need another holiday

Sometimes when you return from your travels, you are disappointed to find that nothing major has happened in your absence. This is not the case. After three blissful weeks of no internet I came home to discover the following:

  • I wasn’t shortlisted for the Frank O’Connor Award. It went straight from long-list to winner
  • I had an OK review for my collection. Not bad enough to make me darken my windows, but it wasn’t sparkling either. Good and bad bits, which is fair. I’m saying ‘fair’ as a mature, professional person. The six year old within is wondering why they don’t love me
  • I was rejected by an agent I had hopes for. The letter was waiting by the door. In a fitting moment I ran over it with my suitcase. Inside, the usual stuff was said to avoid the slitting of wrists: think you have talent, blah blah… unfortunately this is not for us, blah, blah. Cue six-year old.

I’m going to go sleep off my jet lag. Hopefully when I wake I won’t be to more bad news. Knowing me, I’d probably complain that nothing ever happens.


  1. Good to have you back!Sorry to hear about the rejection. I sometimes wonder who these people are. When you see the idiots they represent, and the talent they turn down (and they do turn down far too many talented individuals), you have to wonder where it’s all going to end. These people have the capacity to stifle or even destroy serious literary endeavour, and I don’t think they even realise. And if they did, they probably wouldn’t care.Sorry. Bad day! The first agent I’ve approached with Children of the Resolution hasn’t even replied to my bloody email, yet! I know she received it because I requested a read receipt; she read it at 8 a.m. last Tuesday morning and still nothing.Oh well. Par for the course and all that!How was the wedding?

  2. Oooh administrative powers! I feel like a giddy Bill Clinton. Thank you for welcoming me back, Gary. I’m trying to stay optimistic for my novel and not trying to take it personally, but man, it is hard! As you say, rejections are par for the course – still, it stings. I have to get a tougher skin. Know where I can find a slightly used one? 🙂

  3. You must stay optimistic. It does happen, believe me. About ten years ago I became friends with a couple of fellow aspiring writers. We were all doing what aspiring writers do. Two thirds of us are now published — one with about fifteen published novels to her name. You’ve just got to keep submitting, submitting and… what’s that other thing? Oh yes, submitting!A thick skin is something that comes naturally with time — so here’s hoping yours still is as smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom! (Mine’s beyond all hope, now!) 🙂

  4. Yesterday, I probably would have disagreed with you, kallioppe, but today, yes, I’m feeling a bit better about my approach. I handle inactivity pretty badly but once I stop I too find it difficult to get going again.Do you have a new project planned?

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