Mad. Crazy. Happy. Tired.

I finished today. I know I promised, but I’m too tired to do a dance of joy, a shake was all I could manage. It has been weeks of 6:00 AM starts, no lunches, and evenings in front of the computer. The last few days I’ve had to drag myself to my desk by threats, and I can be pretty mean.The experience has paid off in more than just dead brain cells. I feel accomplished and proud, as if I’ve run the marathon. I’m not thinking of publishers at this moment. I’m not thinking of agents (well, not too much), or of queries and partials or anything else. For now I’m happy knowing I’ve completed by book.Typo check for the weekend  and then yours truly will celebrate on Monday with something nice and alcoholic. Hell, maybe I’ll do that right now. Now I’m off to walk the dog and do something non-writing related.


  1. Thanks Nova, I feel real happy but incredibly tired and drained, brain turned to mush. Yes. I must relish this feeling, for it won’t last. You know how it is… never done when you think you’re done. Always another rewrite, edit, polish around the corner. Still, i’ve finished an entire draft and that is momentous in itself. Yay! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, that’s really terrific – hopefully one day I’ll know how you feel right now. Now get thee to a publisher so the rest of the world can see what you’ve been up to already, I’m dying for something worthwhile to read out here!

  3. I’m raising a glass of cyber-champagne to you. Well done. You’ve probably recovered a little by now, but that’s quite an acheivement. I’m a BIT jealous, but only of your dedication and commitment! Good luck with the next stage :o)

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  5. You made it! I can’t believe i’ve only just checked your blog. I really need to sign up to those RSS feeds. I knew you were almost there but this is fantastic news. I really can’t wait to read it. And going over the whole thing line by line with D sounds seriously dedicated. I want him!I am very close to end of my re-draft and v excited. Not quite as intense as your effort though as I’m snatching time after work and at weekends but I am thinking life will be very strange when I’m through. Sad too… at least it was when I finished the last draft. Hope you’re enjoying the brain change. we must have celebratory drink soon xxx

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