May Novel Update

Things are progressing nicely. I currently have 70,000 printed words marked up and finished on my desk. I’ve been obsessively line editing over the past week, carrying the pages with me everywhere, even to bed. I usually edit on screen. God knows I’ve saved a lot of trees. Especially with the amount of revisions I’ve made over the past five months. Seeing words on paper is different though. The tangible aspect makes it seem more real.

I was surprised at how many sheets I had – even printed front and back. It actually looked like a manuscript. Although, I’m close to finishing, part of my brain is refusing to comprehend it.

I’m t h i s <> c l o s e.

An entire novel! Wow. It’s so strange to write that, as if the experience isn’t mine but someone else’s.

As for my possible agent, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to send the entire thing over again. It seems a bit unfair to make them read it a second time. The version I’m looking at on my desk is better. Much better. Just wish I’d been this calm before I sent it the first time. Oh well, I’ll be better prepared next time.


  1. That’s a very impressive word count – nice going.It’s so tempting to send the whole thing again, especially if you feel you’ve ‘improved’ it. Anyway, no news is good news as they say (whoever ‘they’ are) so fingers crossed :o)

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