A recipe for structure

Chop up your chapters into bite-sized halves or thirds, whatever you prefer. Throw them into a bowl, add a pinch of crushed coarse salt (of the earth preferably), a few dashes of something tart and acidic; you’ll need to break some egos to bind it all together. Toss into the air several times and mix liberally — use your hands. Really get in there and stir it up. Don’t give thought to order, organisation or linearity. Focus on randomness, chaos is preferable.Serve chilled. Follow with several neat martinis. Don’t forget the olives.


  1. Sounds delicious! I have a different recipe:Drink several bottles of vodka. Pretend to be sober and begin editing by slicing chapters haphazardly. Garnish with vomit. Knead carefully with unconscious face, adding sprinkles of slobber and nightmare-induced screams. Let sit for roughly twelve hours. Repeat until manuscript is no longer readable in any known language. Surrender and enjoy!

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