Nano is Finito

Note to self: when emotional drama, stress and decaying friendships get in your way, ignore everything and write like a demon. You may not have much of a personal life left afterward, but boy that word count sure looks pretty. I won’t go into all the details here, but it has been a hellacious few weeks. Sufficient to say that sometimes bad things provide the impetus you need to push ahead.

No one plans for negative events, they just happen. They also tend to occur in the middle of something important. But what can you do when faced with sitting helpless as everything crumbles, or continuing to do as you initially planned. The first one isn’t really an option, as I have little control over the situation. Better that I complete the other, than fail on two counts.

Saying that, there were times when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to continue. It seemed hopeless to focus on writing a story when everything else in my life seemed to be going in the opposite direction. But as mentioned previously, I didn’t have a lot of choice, all I could do was to keep myself occupied and attempt to channel some of that sadness and anger into my novel.

So that’s it. It is done. This morning, I crossed the 50,000 word finish line, fourteen days ahead of schedule and exhaused, but most of all, relieved. I have more to say. But now I am going to go and email some people I’ve been neglecting. For those of you still writing, I wish you luck.

PS: I will be continuing my nano novel all the way until the end of November. Maybe If I’m lucky, I can finish the first draft.

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