Rain, rain, go away

We’ve returned from sunny Italian fields to floods and torrential rain of the antediluvian variety. Clever viral marketing for the upcoming Evan Almighty film? I even saw an amusing, if scary, headline on a London newspaper kiosk last night: Thames floods: Flee now! Quite biblical.

Let’s pause and take stock of the global problems we’ve had in the past year: tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, heat-waves and massive flooding. I don’t know about you, but I was raised on a steady diet of B-list disaster films and I can assure you, they never end well. Although most of the time a heroic scientist/mathematical genius/17 year old computer whiz-kid, can be counted on to save the planet with seconds to spare, there is always some price to pay – a sacrifice to the Gods of destruction if you will. Los Angeles, for example.

Myles Allen, head of the climate dynamics group at Oxford University had this to say about climate change in the Guardian.

“We already knew that external drivers like volcanic eruptions affect large-scale precipitation, but for the first time this paper identifies the fingerprint of human influence. This means that the precipitation trends they identify may be harbingers of more to come.”


Translation: Oh man, we’re so screwed.

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