Rejection dejection

I’ve had three rejections this month – two on the same day! I know i’m not supposed to take it to heart, but my ego feels tender and bruised, like old fruit.


  1. You’re helping us get to 100… And at least you’ve written enough to get three rejections. My short story portfoilio is looking slim.I haven’t heard from Tell Tales yet. I don’t know if that’s good or bad or just means I’ve been forgotten:-(

  2. vee

    ahh must mean something good is on the horizonbecause every time it happens to you,you bounce back with bigger projectsand get lost in your work,and another month of where did you go’s.I have faith in you, not what others think of your work.There will be lots more i am sure, but usually that is a good thing.Remember this one for a chuckle:”guitar groups are on the way out…” a famous line by a Decca A&R manwhen rejecting the Beatles.

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