Be my Prince

It is safe to say I am past the stage of being infatuated by temperamental musicians, but Prince: strange, artistic, talented, egotistical, lewd, misunderstood and naughty, is no ordinary man/musician. I managed to get tickets to his September sold out gig in London (swoon) and I can’t wait.

I know his diminutive purple highness probably seems out of place on this blog, but sexy growl factor aside, Prince’s vast musical catalogue, his need to express himself through his music, and his lifelong struggle between the spiritually sublime Vs his more hedonistic nature, is reason enough for me to respect what he does, even though I may not always understand or like his music.

Prince, legendary for his exciting performances, has said that each London concert night on his tour will be different. He will be playing new material as well as the old stuff and even doing a cover of The Long & Winding Road. I have many favourite Prince songs, some of which have been covered by other artists, such as Nothing Compares 2 U, Bonnie Raitt’s version of I Can’t Make You Love Me, and a wonderful version of When You Were Mine by Ani Difranco and Maceo Parker.


  1. Prince?! Bwahahaha!!! You’re kidding me right?I’m sorry, but there’s just nothing likeable about him or his music… Perhaps Purple Rain can fly, but that’s about it…He sorta reminds me of Michael Jackson. Just not as eccentric.Did you see him at this tv conference a couple of weeks ago. He was talking about the tour, and mentioned he was studying. When he was asked what he was studying, he replied: “The Bible.” Strange…

  2. Nothing wrong with reading the Bible. But the way he said it, it sounded like he’s becoming a priest or something…His MANNERISM reminds me of Michael Jackson. (And I suppose that’s where the comparison stops…)

  3. I think the difference is sex appeal and energy – which Michael doesn’t really have and Prince still oozes. Also Michael has never been about the funk. Gotta love the funk. Give us the Pfunk (to quote from The Mighty Boosh). MJ had some good music in the day – Off the Wall, for example – but his asexual personality is problematic. I think as a performer you need to at least be seen to deliver the goods.

  4. Nakimi

    OH HOW LUCKY YOU ARE!! I always appreciate a good Prince tune whenever they play it on the radio. I wouldn’t mind getting me hands on the album Purple Rain. Gives me shivers even after all these years. For me, Purple Rain was THE album… but as you said, Niki, he has also done other great music. As for the comparison between Michael Jackson and himself….. NO WAY, NO HOW, UHN-UHN! Prince is a genius! Michael just has the Moonwalk. (^____-) heheheheehee!

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