Lazy Sundays or how I stopped worrying about the bomb

I had a pleasant, very sodden weekend where I did absolutely nothing. Despite the rain and cold weather, I don’t remember the last time I felt so unencumbered and relaxed. I did try to write a little on Friday, but nothing came of it, so I closed my laptop and read, went shopping, watched a film and spent the weekend lazing around in bed, eating toast with honey and watching bad television.

As a result I feel more content and positive than I have in a while.As in almost all simple solutions, I feel a bit silly that I didn’t think of it before. Imagine all the grief I could have saved myself?

That’s why I am noting it here in my blog, so hopefully the next time I get a panic attack, I can perhaps learn to take my own advice. Of course it helps that I’ve now finished the penultimate batch of rewrites and have sent them off to be edited. BUT, I’m also happy for another reason. This morning, I started to work on a new story that may be the first of the next collection. I haven’t decided yet if there will be a next collection, as I want to get back to the novel. But if there is, I want to go in a completely new direction, meaning lighter, shorter, breezier and with any luck, more hopeful than the last batch of stories.Inspiration is a wonderful thing.

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