I am obsessive about music. When I listen to something sublime, it is enough to make me close my eyes and forget the world. Time stops when I’m in the music. It soothes and contents me, inspires and excites me. It makes me buzz with good feelings for the universe. If I love a song, I put it on endless repeat. This annoys everyone: roomates, friends, family, lovers.

Please, please change the music, they implore.

I might play something 100 time over; but a perfect song is as good as the very first listen. Clocks stop, dogs bark, policeman put up their white-gloved hands. Whoever said happiness is a warm gun, did not own an iPod.


  1. Gemwolf

    We have so much in common! Every few weeks I find a new “the is the best song ever written”… I play it to near-death, learn the words… Only to have it tossed to the side and forgotten when the new “best song ever written” arrives…On a side note. I’ve heard British radio. And over-playing a song is their forte. I’ve heard the same song be played four-five times in an hour… Now that destroys music. IMO.

  2. I love Pandora. It found me early Labelle when Amazon was refusing to turn up the goods (some of their stuff is only available in album form). I feel sorry for my poor neglected CDs. It has been ages since I listened – I mean properly put it on and listened to the set list the way the artist intended or looked at the cover art or anything. Then again I can’t remember the last time I bought a CD. But respect to the people who love music and remain lo-tech. My brother still keeps his album collection in pristine plastic sleeves like in High Fidelity.I’m a techoslave. I get a kick out of of viral mindmapping and music programmes that recommend artists and tunes to me. I love talking back to to when it inevitably gets it wrong. Musical tastes are fickle things, poor Pandora does its best though.I envision a day when my computer will automatically anticipate my moods and desires on its own.In a HAL voice: Niki, you seem antsy today. May I recommend a back massage?Hmm.

  3. Nii

    I found pandora (through my better half), and lastfm but haven’t found the time to check them out properly yet. Looking forward to it tho! For now, I have so many CDs to get through anyway – bet you can tell how lo-tech I am, not even close to owning an iPod but I don’t think happiness is a warm gun

  4. Vee

    I listen obsessively because i want to wring out every emotionaland musical element out of a piece before it becomes embedded inmy psyche and my sorta eternal hard drive.Then its just a recall away.We are all ipods.

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