Escaping wanderlust

Confession time: Some people are addicted to drinking, shopping and sex. I am addicted to travel. It isn’t a new thing. If you read my first posts on this blog, you’ll have noticed how I tend to put off the important things in life until the last minute and preoccupy myself browsing holiday websites. I guess that’s how I cope with stress, spending hours reading travel descriptions and dreaming about where I want to go next.

I print out maps, learn new words, check out books and films, and research the history and culture of a place. By then, I am knee-deep in the throes of infatuation. The only cure is to meet my destined location, face-to-face.

Sometimes I immerse myself to such a degree that I am tired and saturated before I even get there. Like an overbrewed cup of tea, the experience can be bitter and unpleasant if I spend too long obsessing.

Sometimes I fall in love with a place so much, I end up making reckless vows to move there immediately.

While I think I’ve matured over the years and have tried to stay put, the infamous 7 year itch is coming. I can feel it. I call of wanderlust is hypnotic and compelling: like a siren song that seems intent on disrupting any peace I’ve accumulated.

I always want to be where I am not.

Logic tells me I need stability to be able to flesh out a solid work schedule, but if I stand still for too long I fear I will disappear. I have such a irrational fear of being stuck in dullsville. Perhaps I need to learn not be so restless and flighty.

The truth (if you haven’t guessed it already), is that secretly I dont want to be cured. I am happy being a slave to my wanderlust. Now if I could just figure out the omniscient dilemma.


  1. Oh, I think I might be starting to have this same addiction. I used to be reluctant to travel (I’m a homebody), but in the past couple of years I’ve ended up going on trips abroad about twice a year… I’ve reached the point where whenever I’m sad or frustrated I start researching and planning a new trip. For example: on Friday I decided we had to go to San Francisco for my upcoming birthday because I’m all stressed out right now. We can’t afford it, so I’m crazy to think it’s possible, but I’ve never seen the city and really want to, and besides it would just make me feel better… I’m sure you understand.What are your plans for NYC? Have you been here before?

  2. I’m so with you on the travel. Apart from a weekend trip to a wedding in goldfishbowl of a town in Germany I haven’t left the country in 18 months. I’m getting serious withdrawal symptoms. This year, to make up for it, I plan to go to Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Belize, New York, Boston and Bhutan. Bhutan’s a work trip but frankly I might just stay there a couple of years.

  3. kallioppe

    I’ve not been, but heard Costa Rica is lovely. Maybe we can set up a writers fund for desperate writers suffering from wanderlust. Maybe apply for a grant? You can write the proposal.

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