Timing is everything

Talk about terrible timing. I have been looking forward to the Xmas break to relax with family and stuff/drink myself silly and maybe, maybe even get some writing done. Instead, I was waylaid with the strongest viral flu I’ve had in ages.

We all caught it, a houseful of zombies living on tissues, soup, vics vapor rub and a united sense of martyrdom.

Instead of the martini and chocolate soiree I envisioned hitting with le hubby; we ushered in the new year, propping our groggy bodies onto ours pillows long enough to exchange pathetic looks and clock the official countdown before expiring until noon the next day.

Today, I feel a little more alive. Enough to write out my first entry for 2007.

If 2006 has taught me anything, it is that you can desire something with all your heart, even wrapping that desire in elaborate satin bows, but sometime you get nothing but phlegm for your troubles.

I’m going back to bed.

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