Return of the Space Cowgirl

For those that missed me, I’m back. Your virtual tarzan yodel must have worked. Dear Diary, I’ve been an irresponsible girl.

I looked at the date of my last entry and felt seriously ashamed. I meant to keep this blog as current as possible. Instead, it reminded me of my girlhood diaries and the big gaps in between where I left out all the good stuff. To recap:

  • Took a few weeks off from work to edit stories; became addicted to Alchemy on my Mac. Many late nights trying to beat my top score, but sadly no writing.
  • My sister and fiance were in London and did the Eurotrip tour. Much laughter, drinks and incriminating photos, but sadly no writing.
  • Went to Berlin: ate, drank, shopped, had a fab time, and you guessed it, sadly no writing
  • Frantic Xmas shopping. After pledging that 2006 would be the year I would finally do all my shopping online and get people less impulsive gifts, I used my lunch hours and weekends to run amok in a mad  frenzy. Stores love me, credit card companies love me; but my publisher will NOT love me if I don’t get my behind into gear and actually do some writing.


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