Quick Mojo update

Thank you to all who have posted comments or sent reassuring emails about the return of my Mojo. So far there have been sightings of it backpacking in Ireland, having tea at the Ritz and even sunbathing in St. Barts.

Whether it is clutching a cup of Earl, a Guinness or a Pina Colada, my Mojo sure gets around. It has made it perfectly clear that it will return in its own time, when it is good and ready.

If you happen to see my Mojo passed out on a bench or an empty beach somewhere, please pick it up and keep it safe and warm until it can be returned. PS: a friend emailed me this and I thought it was so funny I had to include.

Spotted: Your mojo, wearing a satiny haltertop and gogo boots, stepping out of a limo, bangled wrist resting on a Karl Lagerfeld simulator.

At least it’s having fun.


  1. So funny! If I happen to see it out and about in NYC, I’ll give it a good shove and send it back your way. Although I have a feeling it will be back in force before you know it… No shoving may be necessary.

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