The Letter arrives

It finally arrived this morning. For a while I just stood there, rooted on the spot. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to get it, I was still upset when I read the letter. I hope this rejection doesn’t deter you from continuing with your writing, it said. We hope you don’t let it affect your confidence.

I can feel bitter disappointment work its way through my body, deadly as snake venom. It is hard to ignore the truth when it is lying on my desk.


  1. kadfr

    Hard luck on the rejection letter but you can’t get too down on yourself. Judges make erratic choices when it comes to these sorts of awards/prizes – not least as they are making decisions by committee. Who knows what they are looking for.In any case, even though rejection letters are never pleasant, not getting this by no means denigrates you as a writer – in any case you have a book of short stories to write!At the very least you should be able to milk at least one slap-up meal at your favourite restaurant but if you play it right then you should get jewellry, perfume, holidays, cars, houses as rightful compensation.

  2. Kallioppe

    I’m sure I’ll stop feeling wretched soon enough. Meanwhile, thanks for saying nice things. I’ll be back to normal soon and laughing the whole thing off. For now I’m stuffing myself with pints of Ben & Jerry’s.

  3. I got exactly the same rejection letter this morning. Actually I’d forgotten all about the competition until I read your blog yesterday. I figured I was well out of it when I didn’t hear anything in July… which makes me think, surely it’s better not to hear anything? I was OK with nothing. But a No someone had bothered to write in a fat paragraph beginning with the word ‘Unfortunately’ really sucked.The really depressing thing is I entered sections from BOTH my novels. What kind of a stupid idea was that? Now I can’t even console myself with the thought that one of them might secretly be brilliant.

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