When good ideas go wrong

I was recently working on a story in my collection about the rain and it splintered into two different stories. Rather than choose between the two, I went with both. Just as I was getting the hang of it, they split again. Mitosis. So now I  have four versions of the same story. All different. At first I was excited. I love it when I don’t know if something is coming or going – when it’s all twists and turns. But after a few hours, it was clear I was losing my way. My ideas were rebelling, running amok. I start whipping them back, to show them who’s boss. I should probably be more humane, but they have to learn discipline. I can’t have them straying when I need to stay focused. As fun as it is, four different outcomes for each scenario just won’t work. It is enough to drive a writer mad when good ideas go wrong.

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