Short story collection, here I come!

As some of you know, I met with an interested publisher and I’m happy to announce that I will be spending the next fews months working on a collection of my very own. I am so excited! I’ve been offered a small advance and the assurance that I’ll be working with someone who is a lover of short stories. Just what I need to keep me feeling creative and inspired. Perfect timing too, as I can let the novel marinate, or simmer, or whatever it is that books do when you aren’t watching them closely. I’m happy but a little scared. Although I have to say it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly daunting. Yet. I might be saying something else in a few months. Thanks for all the good wishes. It feels great to finally be able to report something positive. Yay!


  1. This is fabulous news! Congratulations! I love short stories — they’re my most favorite thing to read. I can’t wait to read yours when the book comes out!And now you’re in midst of the best part — shaping it and writing it. That sounds like a dream…!(Wow, how many exclamation points can a person use in one comment?)

  2. That is fab, Niki! I’m so excited it’s happening. I’ve got Tell Tales on order but a WHOLE collection of your stories is just amazing. Cant wait to get it. Any odea of the publishing date yet, or is that just scary?

  3. Wonderful news! Validation, and outlet, and some money to keep the fire burning! Sounds like the perfect thing to me!Doug (one less exclamation mark than Nova)PS: Err, “Kallioppe’s Toot’s”? no…. umm, “Niki’s Pick’s“, whew, way no….. “The Collection Plate” arghhh! Sorry, you’re on your own!

  4. Andrei

    Carpe Diem, Niki! Wind into your sail (as we say in Russia)!! I enjoyed the Mastery workshop and, hope, you too. And, Chyort Poberi, I’m gonna stand by you whenever you ask for pomosh’…you remember our “commitments” list? It’s funny, but you last “comment” was on the July 28th – happen to be my Birthday. Poka. Andrei.

  5. Andrei

    Sorry, Niki. My bad. I met Niki Aguirre in a creativity workshop and she…happened to have the same name as you and she also writes, but…she lives in the US, so…still…Wind Into Your Sails! I’ll definitely continue reading your stories. Andrei.

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