Reality Show for Writers

They should do one of those Big Brother/Temptation Island thingies for writers. Six weeks with no internet, television or mobile phones in some beautiful paradise by the sea.Chatty procrastinators and pompous types would get voted off first, with the rest of the candidates crying in frustration and trying not to fall to pieces.¬†Once a week the writers would have to read new chapters and their peers allow them to stay or go accordingly.Everyone acts supportive and claps when you read. Behind your back they stand around the fireplace and talk about how bad you writing is.At then end of the six weeks, the last one standing gets published. The losers get nothing but humble pie.But the viewers get the best bit. They get to see some very fragile egos go into fluctuating states of insecurity, anxiety, hysteria and despair. They get to witness the weird superstitious rites, compulsions and dysfunctional working habits of the truly obsessive.Here’s how I’ll present the treatment for television: pan out to shot of contestants relaxing around a hottub before someone mentions that the next assignment has dropped in length. Close-up of shocked faces followed by horror, as writers push each other out of the way, causing a stampede as they race back to their rooms, back to the safety of wordcount.OK. Maybe not.


  1. Hey, I’d do it! Not only could I use the 6 weeks off to write, right now I’d about kill for a book deal.Let me know when you pitch it to a network. I want in!-Novap.s. Love your blog. I think we’re going through some similar things…

  2. Now that would be reality TV I could get into!I’ve heard the creative process compared to giving birth, but it seems a lot more like mowing the lawn. Not too many people REALLY like to mow their lawn, in fact the more creative they are the LESS likely they’ll mow. Finally it gets so deep you’re lost in you’re own front yard. Then you HAVE to mow, or you’ll be LOST!Thanks for your comment on the ‘nitro green’ photo (I like that for a title). Still trying to figure out why it took you to the old blog instead of the new one on wordpress, but I’ll figure it out sooner or later. Once it’s deep enough….Doug

  3. Nova – Thank you. We are going through similar things.Sputnki – My lawn hasn’t been mowed in such a long time. Oh Dear, that sounds like something other than writing.Fran – For added oompth we could have celebrity writers kick egos and take names. They could rant about how lines were cliched and metaphors worn and the writers would crumple into little balls on the fllor. The public would then vote on the most pathetic display.

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