The Crunch

I had a tea with a friend the other day, and the conversation turned to the propensity for self-loathing that many writers (including yours truly) are occasionally known for. It was really therapeutic to discuss those crazy, topsy-turvy feelings I’ve been having lately, accepting that drama queen moments are expected¬†when you spend all your time scrutinizing (and second guessing) your dialogue and characters. But the line between acceptance and sharp-eyed critic is not easily drawn, so that you find yourself hating your own thoughts and words so much it becomes counterproductive. I must learn to be nicer to myself and know when I have done the best I can. I don’t want to rewrite and rewrite until oblivion, chasing some impossible idea of perfection until every drop of creative juice is sucked out of me. How to be fair and still critical? That is the rub.

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