I’ve been accepted

Good news! I had a short story accepted. I struggled to trim it down from 4,500 words to almost half that size, but I guess it worked because they sent me a letter saying they loved it. This makes up for being rejected last month by a well known pub specialising in speculative fiction, which is another name for fiction featuring horny vampires and emo werewolves, which are big right now.  

The note attached to my rejected story said that the pub didn’t feel my writing was the kind of thing their readers were after, which is why it is SO important to do your research before you submit. You don’t want to walk around feeling like you’re digesting broken glass. Rejection is cruel, as Morrissey said. Especially when that rejection comes from a pub big on interstellar plot holes and prose so wooden, it makes Bulwer Lytton sound like Nabokov. Anyway, I’m off to celebrate. Someone wanted me! Afterward, it’s back to work on the novel.

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