Playing catch-up

Graduation: March 2006
Dum dee dum dum dum. Am I blase for not caring? A few pictures, an ugly robe and a shake of the hand. At least my mom will be proud when I send her a photo. Meanwhile, on with the writing.

Submissions: Febuary 2006
Still high on adrenaline, I’ve submitted two short stories for publication. Too soon to tell yet, but I’ll keep you posted on any good, and not so good news.

Despondent sensation that I’m going nowhere fast: all of 2006 so far
The book is dragging. My narrator is making me want to scream. I feel day by day as if I’m losing my grip on the story. I wonder if writing is like this all the time? Sometimes I’m in the groove and everything feels right. Most of the time I’m wandering around lost, but I have no idea what I’m looking for. How will it all come together? Will I end up trashing another chapter? Are my characters too lonely, passive and desperate to be likeable? Is the book getting boring? Am I?

The Novel: September 2005
Over Xmas break I finished the first draft. I wrote like a crazed woman and a lot of it was dreadful, but at least I now have the skeleton form of my book. I’ve spent the last few months revising to the point where I’m sick to death of my characters.

The Short Story: September 2005
My first official publication. Yippee! I worked on Time Immemorial over the summer and rewrote the ending. The whole process from begining to end was an eye-opening experience. Great to see the proofs, great to see the story layout.

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