Good News/Bad News Report

Good news Dissertation and MA are finished! Let’s pop those champagne corks! I handed in my final work on 30 Septemember and fell over in a heap of exhaustion.

Bad news Deadlines coincided with the MIR publishing party, work sponsored management MBA, my birthday and anniversary. As a result of the stressful aftermath, I didn’t go to Budapest as planned. I stayed home in bed, catching up on sleep.

Good news Results for MA. As important as the grade was, the powers that be loved liked the first chapters of my novel. It felt incredible to be recognised.

Bad news Acknowledgement came in the form of a book voucher. Here’s an idea, how about a publishing deal? For an MA that takes itself seriously, it would seem a more relevant award.

Good news Writing workshop will continue after graduation with all my favourite people, which means Monday pub nights are back on.

Bad news We are losing two friends who return to New York and Boston.

Good news Now that assignment pressure is gone, I am free to concentrate on the things I want to work on.Bad newsI no longer have coursework assignments forcing me to write. I must be the master of my own motivation. I am envisioning many blank pages in my future.

Good newsI’ve been working on several short stories, which keeps my mind off the fear of being stricken with writer’s block.

Bad newsI should really concentrate on my novel. Stories are fine but I want to finish the book. I’ll stop now because this could go on and on.

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