Spielen Karten and Nudity

I had a great time in Cologne, a city with a passion for food, drink and celebration. Cologne doesn’t take itself too seriously, the folks I met were laid back and welcoming but not in a fake way. Even the barmaids in the biergartens were friendly, underneath their pristine aprons and trays weighed down with Kolsch and crazy requests. Like spielen karten (playing cards), which D ordered, confusing it with Kartoffelsuppe, a creamy potato soup that is so divine I can’t do justice here. Take my word, you won’t find a more delicious version anywhere else. And if potato soup isn’t your thing, how about a visit to a spa or a public pool? Cologne has lots to pick from, just beware that there may be nudity.

I’m not talking MTV Hottub honeyz nekked here, I am talking normal big bellied men and women, carrying on with with the business of swimming, reading and chatting, but you know, in the BUFF.

It was hard not to stare but years of body prudishness doesn’t just go away overnight. I liked that the locals didn’t feel the need to conform to impossible standards. Content to hang out as nature intended, gravity doing what gravity usually does in those situations.

If the soup and nudity don’t do it for you, there are plenty of other things to see and do in Cologne: Dom Cathedral, river boat trips, good restaurants, and attractions a plenty, such as the Chocolate Museum or the Eau de Cologne museum, which reminded me of my paternal grandmother and her fondness for cologne. She always had some on her toilette table in case of fainting spells.

How can you not love this city?

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